Office Receptionist (Part-Time)

Hiring Deadline: Open until filled

Posted on:
Employee Type: Part-Time (Flexible Hours)
Compensation: $15.75/HR
Job ID: PTF12
Job Description:

We are currently looking for a Part-Time Office Receptionist. This position will actively support the management team. In this position, you will provide administrative support in a large office setting including: Front office duties - answer incoming phone calls, handle incoming and outgoing mail, coordinate luncheons, appointments, and meetings, conference calls for the office on a daily basis as well as interoffice regular meetings and office events.

Skills and Requirements:
- Polished phone skills
- Proficiency with Microsoft Word and Excel
- Positive attitude
- Ability to multi-task
- Ability to function as a team member
- Willingness to assist in other areas as needed


Part-Time Receptionist (Wanted)
We are looking for a Part Time Office Receptionist. Duties include sending out daily mailings, answering phones, filing. Individual must be proficient in basic computer skills as well.
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Local hospital administrative office is looking for a Office Assistant to work from 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday.
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Hiring Hospital Office Assistant
Local hospital administrative office is looking for a Office Assistant to work from 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday.
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Part Time Pharmacy Receptionist
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Administrative Assistant Job Description

Administrative assistants provide high-level service to top executives in an organization; they rank higher than typical secretaries. Educational requirements depend on the rank of the executive for whom they work, but associate's degrees are typically preferred.

Administrative Assistant Overview

Ranking among the largest number of job openings in the United States, administrative assistants must have a strong knowledge of computer use and current office technologies. They are hired by companies such as hospitals, schools, corporate offices, legal offices and government agencies. Typically, administrative assistants are hired into companies to work full-time (40 hours a week).

Many of the skills needed in order to be qualified for an administrative assistant position vary depending on the hiring company; however, necessary skills for all administrative assistants include writing, communication and word processing. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need is increasing for administrative assistants to have strong knowledge of modern computer software, project management and database maintenance. In many cases, it holds true that the higher ranked the individual hiring an administrative assistant, the higher the assistant's education level must be.

Administrative Assistant Job Description

An administrative assistant must offer support for a workplace as well as the top executives of an organization. They have responsibilities such as coordination of administrative activities, retrieving, organizing and disseminating information to staff and clients, supervising their clerical co workers and reviewing income memos.

The typical job duties of an administrative assistant include planning and scheduling meetings or appointments, organizing hard copy and electronic files, conducting research and managing projects. They may also be required to arrange guest and travel accommodations. The tools used by administrative assistants on a daily basis include the desk phone, Internet, mail and e-mail. The equipment they use may include fax machines, scanners, video conferencing systems and photocopiers.

The level of job duties of administrative assistants has increased, allowing them to perform tasks which were formerly done by managers. For example, they may create spreadsheets, presentations, documents and reports. They may also be asked to purchase equipment and supplies, correspond with vendors and oversee areas such as libraries or stockrooms.

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